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If you have a computer, odds are you’ve opened some social media accounts. They’re easy to use, fun and have the benefit of keeping you in contact with your friends and family. But there are dangers involved in using them too. Here are some reminders of ways to keep yourself safe and your account trouble-free.


Some of the problems that can arise on social media sites are over-disclosure of private information, bullying or inappropriate comments, cyber-stalking, phishing, which means a scam which tries to get you to link to an inappropriate or fraudulent site, and infiltration of viruses from attachments, pictures and game sites.


Be safe. Follow some common sense rules and protect your account from as many problems as possible.


Limit the amount of personal information you give on your profile. Don’t share pictures of your home or give out workplace information.

Select user names that do not divulge your name.

Use strong passwords with both letters and numbers

Don’t post anything that could embarrass you or others.

Use your privacy features to restrict access by strangers.

Keep your antivirus and spyware programs updated.


Finally, if in doubt, do not click on any link that seems unfamiliar or questionable. If you realize you’ve clicked on a link that took you to a site you didn’t intend to visit, immediately change your password. For further information read the following article.


Are you computer savvy? What suggestions do you have to improve use of social media sites?


Get Safe Online