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Are you wanting a  simpler lifestyle? Why not recycle  old toys. Wherever there are children, there are toys. These toys tend to multiply when no one is looking and before you know it, your home is a labyrinth of playthings with barely a place to avoid them. Seriously, sorting and clearing out toys and other children’s playthings on a regular basis is not only necessary to the healthy climate of your home, but it’s an opportunity to do good.


When you’re ready to begin sorting and tossing, think about ways to ensure the reuse of your expendable items. Some will be junk, recycle as usual in the paper, plastic and glass bins. Some will be well-loved, but still usable, and others may be pristine, but just not what you want to keep. Here are some ideas for recycling those playthings.


Have a yard sale and make a little money for a special project such as a family day away.

Use an online sale system such as Craigslist or where you can buy or sell virtually anything.

Gather up those old crayons and donate them to Crazy Crayons where colorful new crayons are made and sold to benefit persons with disabilities.

Donate stuffed animals and other clean toys to local hospitals, shelters, or schools. Schools can use small toys for incentives in the classroom.

Locate your local consignment shops where you can sell used items in good shape.

Donate sports equipment to programs who donate them overseas such as Peace Passers.

Donate books to local libraries, shelters, or to projects such as Books for Africa.


Your community probably has multiple opportunities to recycle old toys and playthings to benefit others. Become active in your own community by teaching your entire family to reuse and recycle. Here are several recycling sites to get you started.

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