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Yes, Valentine’s day is just around the corner and what could be easier than celebrating with heart-shaped food items? Just about everyone has enjoyed heart-shaped pancakes. You can spruce them up with outlines in whipping cream. But there’s more—a lot more. For breakfast you can butter a piece of bread, cut out a heart shape in the middle and then fry the bread with an egg in the heart. It’s cute and healthy too.


There are the usual heart-shaped red finger jellos and rice krispie treats, but have you thought of heart-shaped pastry on top of your chicken pot pie? Or heart-shaped slices of cheese with crackers? Or heart-shaped mini-pizzas?


You can find heart-shaped food items ready-made in stores during the weeks prior to Valentine’s day. Heart crackers and cookies make it easy to spread something in the middle and have a quick heart treat. Chocolate wafers with peppermint ice cream in between is a sure-fire favorite for kids and grown-ups. So dig through your cupboards and find that heart-shaped cookie cutter. Your family will enjoy each and every heart-shaped goodie you create. For more ideas look at the sites below.

Heart-shaped Foods

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