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HungryGoddessNewYearRecipesWhen Christmas has come and gone there is still another big event coming. New Year’s Eve is a great time to invite your friends over for a fun evening of games, dancing and, of course, eating. Here are some websites filled with recipes for everything you’ll want to offer your guests from appetizers, to drinks to luscious desserts. Bring 2014 in with a bang.


Food Network: Try some yummy stuffed mushrooms, or bite-sized brownies. Shrimp appetizers will also tempt your guests.


Taste of Home: You’ll get oohs and aahs with these cranberry chili meatballs, spinach squares and pepper crusted tenderloin crostini bites. For your New Year’s Eve cocktails try one of these. Dark and Stormies made with ginger beer ice cubes, Pomegranate daiquiris or vodka espresso drinks.


All Recipes: It’s a New Year, don’t skimp on dessert. Try an eggnog cake, a rich tiramisu cheesecake or a Vaselopika—a Greek New Year’s cake.