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Homemade protein shakes are a happy addition to diet-conscious menus. We all want to eat healthy and also enjoy our meals. Adding protein shakes to our daily diets ensures that we get adequate protein even if we aren’t eating meat or eggs. If your budget is pinched, you’ll get your money’s worth of protein in a container of protein powder. Protein powders are readily available in general markets and in health food stores and are made in a variety of ways. The most popular ones are whey-based or soy-based. Some are made of pea powder or rice powder. The whey-based products are dairy, but the others are suitable for vegans. For those watching their weight it’s easy to substitute water for the yogurt or milk in most recipes. Also you might use the shakes as a meal replacement since their calorie counts can be quite high. The best protein shake recipes use natural ingredients and minimal processing. Just blend and enjoy!


Today’s Shake Recipe:  Pina Colada Protein Shake




1 cup coconut sorbet or sherbet

½ cup fresh pineapple chunks

½ cup coconut milk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder


Simply blend together in a blender and enjoy.


For shake recipes with no frozen ingredient, add several ice cubes to the blender to produce a thick, creamy drink. Fruits that are yummy additions to recipes include most berries, bananas, mangoes and peaches. A dash of vanilla or cocoa powder also add taste. Here are some websites with more protein shake recipes for your enjoyment. Why not make protein shakes a part of your healthy lifestyle?


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