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April is known for many things: the beginning of springtime, warmer weather and beautiful flowers in bloom. It begins with April Fool’s day and often Easter falls in April. But did you know that April has been deemed National Grilled Cheese month? Yes, it has.


Grilled cheese sandwiches are high on the list of comfort foods for grandchildren. The buttery, crisp outside of the bread together with the gooey, soft cheese middle combines to make delicious eating. But there are hundreds of ways to change up the type of bread used, the kind of cheeses, the condiments and other additions to this always-welcome sandwich. Here are three that are sophisticated enough for Grandma and Grandpa.

Three twists on the old favorite.

Spiced Apricot Grilled Cheese

On white bread spread mango chutney, add a layer of mozzarella and sprinkle with cumin. On one slice add slivered dried apricots. Sandwich together, spread the outside with butter and grill.


Parisian Grilled Cheese

On French bread spread garlic butter, spears of fresh-cooked asparagus and crumbled Roquefort cheese. Sprinkle with dried tarragon and broil open-faced.


German Grilled Ham and Cheese

On rye bread spread grainy mustard. Add slices of Muenster cheese, sprinkle with caraway seeds and slices of black forest ham. Sandwich together, butter on the outside and grill.

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