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Take a look at this article on dating by Top Senior Dating Sites


‘So you find that no matter what you do, that a relationship will start off great, but then without fail you’re back to be single again within a matter of months. This can be frustrating, but what you need to realize this may be stemming from your own behaviors that lead to a break up. What can cause you to become a relationship ender? Let’s take a closer look.

If you’re someone who shies away from even mentioning the word commitment, then you can’t even begin to think that a long term relationship will work for you. Commitment is required at least after a few months of dating, and if you’re not ready to say you love someone, then you need to find someone who has no illusions of being married or having children with you in the near future. If you’re always looking for something better, or are thinking that you’ll be trapped in a relationship that isn’t right, especially when you’re senior dating, then chances are by the time the good ole Christmas cheer rolls around, that you’ll be back on the prowl’

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