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      Language Learning Websites for Your Grandchildren

We grandparents are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of our grandchildren. And, research shows us that learning foreign languages is best done before school age. Why not take the time this summer to introduce your grandchildren to a new language?

The following websites offer ways to begin language study in a fun atmosphere of playing games and then there is the option to practice what has been introduced through color sheets and worksheets depending on the age of your grandchild.

You can even encourage language learning from a distance. Share the websites with your grandchildren and then learn together. You can share your progress via phone, e-mail, skype or facetime.

Here are some of the best sites for beginners:


Chillola offers child-friendly language lessons in Spanish, French, English, German and Italian. Introductory lessons pair a picture with the written word plus the pronunciation. Vocabulary is built with lessons on the alphabet and sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, and a variety of common words such as fruits and vegetables.


Duolingo offers language training in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Irish. It builds vocabulary through spaced repetition and practice. It also teaches grammar skills through translation of various phrases. Motivation to continue the lessons comes in the form of rewards for correct answers.

Kids Web Japan

This colorful site is tons of fun for kids. They’ll learn about Japanese culture along with language skills. Hear a Japanese folk story or learn about a Japanese Snow Festival. Language lesson one begins with greetings and the Japanese writing system.

Voyage Kids

This site is an English/German exchange. Choose from a number of fun games and activities as German culture and vocabulary is introduced. Join Ben and Alex Bear in their stories and journeys or choose to make a craft such as a copy of a German market, the barenmarkt.

Both you and your grandchildren will enjoy learning to read, write, talk and think in another language. Choose a great website and let the language learning begin.