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Gone are the days when I needed to cook up meals big enough for an army. In spite of the fact that I only raised two children, our table often served as many as ten or twelve. I knew how to cook those large meals back then, but now the challenge is to serve a tasty and healthy meal for two. We try not to waste food, but eating leftovers isn’t all that exciting either. So here are some recipes that are just right for two and won’t cost an arm and a leg.



It isn’t really a challenge to create sandwiches for two. But maybe the challenge is coming up with new ideas to break monotony. Ask Granny has chosen  some good ones featuring meat as the main ingredient. Or try one of Oprah’s favorites, a curried chicken salad sandwich. For some ways to spice up plain old favorites, read this short article. Some of America’s favorite regional sandwiches are featured here, and don’t forget these classic sandwich recipes.


Salads are cheap easy meals and  are a healthy way to fill up half of your dinner plate. They also can be made a little larger and comprise a complete meal. How does a veggie-stuffed tomato sound, sitting alongside your sandwich, or an asian cucumber salad? Heartier salads might include some protein such as the chicken strawberry spinach salad or a grilled steak salad with fruit. The combos are endless and the benefits of eating salads regularly will show around your waistline in just a short time.


When it comes to serving bread and rolls to two people, you’ll just have to get in the habit of either freezing half a loaf or storing it well. Some people use air-tight plastic containers with lids, others rely on a fabric bag. If you choose to freeze the bread be sure to mark the bag or wrapping with the date so you use it in the next month or so. Make sure that at least half if not more of your bread choices are whole grain.


The choices for hearty soups for two are plentiful. From tasty clear soups to hearty, dense stews, you’ll find rewarding meals in the following recipes. You might enjoy asparagus soup for a new taste, or an interesting Hungarian apple soup. Seafood stew is another choice that when paired with a salad and some bread, makes a satisfying meal. Nothing tastes better on a cold winter evening than a simple meal of a piping hot bowl of soup.


Casseroles are the king of comfort foods. Even if cooking for two, you’ll probably want enough left over to serve for lunch the next day. Here are some great casserole recipes designed to make four servings. On second thought you might just eat them up in one sitting.

Meat/fish dishes

Main dishes for two will usually rely on either meat or fish as the central ingredient. Chicken avocado melt is a yummy dish which adds corn meal, cheese and sour cream to chicken breasts. Chopped peppers and cumin add a little spice to the mix––perfect for a dinner for two. Or make Tenderloin steak with herb cheese topping for two. If you prefer meatless main dishes, try this homemade grilled vegetable pizza. It’s a winner.


Who says you can’t enjoy dessert once in a while, especially if it’s created for only two servings? Make an apple crisp for two or coconut meringue pie for two. You’ll have the perfect servings to cap off your meal for two and, believe me, there won’t be leftovers of these delicious sweet treats.

When cooking for only two people it’s important to refrain from buying in bulk. Unless you’re in the mood to cook large quantities and freeze the results, it’s important to shop a little more often to keep ingredients fresh. Try setting the table with some fresh flowers or new colorful linens once in a while to make your dining experience special. Finding great recipes for two is easy as pie and using these sites as a starting place will set you on the right road to cozy dining experiences.