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Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas; are you ready for all of these festive occasions? You’ll probably be planning parties for some of these special days and you’ll need ideas for drinks. What can you put into that punch bowl that will be just right for each occasion?


First of all, you might be in the market for a new punch bowl. Here are several locations online where you’ll find punch bowls in varying price ranges and with varying designs. At you’ll find everything in punch bowls from clear plastic to lovely cut glass, from ceramic to stainless steel to lovely silverware. And the prices will vary along with the material and style. For inexpensive punch bowls glance through this selection in all shapes and sizes.


Now, what to put in those bowls? Fruit juice punch recipes abound. They are usually created with a mixture of one or two canned or frozen juices and then spruced up with a carbonated beverage. Here are several fruit juice punch recipes. Another favorite is a cider-based punch. They’re served hot or cold and usually add some tantalizing spices such as cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon.


Sherbet or ice cream punches are rich and satisfying. Raspberry or lime sherbets are often used or just plain vanilla ice cream. These items add a frothy texture to the punch and add both color and creamy taste. Most of these punch recipes are non-alcoholic, but if you want to serve an alcoholic punch, there are many good recipes. Rum, bourbon or champagne punches add flair to a holiday get-together


Kid’s punch recipes may return to fruit juices and sherbets. They also often add jello to the mix. Eggnog recipes are favorites for the holidays and can be served either with or without alcohol.


How about ideas for decorating your punch bowl to make it look extra-appealing on the table? Ice rings frozen ahead of the party and placed in the punch bowl just before serving allow for many beautiful and eye-catching drinks. Light up your punch bowl with this creative method. For some ideas on ways to float flowers or other edibles in a punch bowl go to Creative Punch Bowl Ideas.


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