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018-2-300x225 Fall is finally here and the frost will soon be on the pumpkins. Kids love to visit the pumpkin patch and find that perfect orange globe.

They also enjoy doing crafts with Grandma and Grandpa.

So here are some delightful pumpkin craft ideas for this fall.

Paper Plate Pumpkins: Easy and fun. You only need a paper plate, black and orange construction paper, scissors, glue and a pencil.

Paper Roll Pumpkin: 3-D pumpkin made or orange paper taped or stapled into circles and then glued onto a background paper in the shape of a pumpkin. Very cute.

Paper Strip Pumpkin: The secret to this one is using serrated scissors. Strips are cut and formed into a pumpkin shape then topped with a curly leaf. (scroll down to find)

Edible Jack o Lantern: Using a caramel ricecake and orange icing, create a jack o lantern using candy pieces for features. (scroll down to find)

3D Paper Pumpkin: Begin with orange paper and a pipe cleaner. Easy and fun.

So gather up some orange paper and craft supplies. You’ll have hours of fun creating these pumpkin art projects.