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We have to admit that finding gifts for men and women over 60 isn’t easy.  However, I also have to admit that Ask Granny’s list of present ideas listed below have been tried and tested with members of my family and have all been a great success.  It seems we place less value on material things and enjoy more lasting and useful gifts. I hope that Ask Granny’s choices help you to choose a gift that your older friend, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, father ,brother, uncle, grandfather and great grandmother will love!

Here are some of the best gift ideas for the  Over 60s.

Silver Engraved Gifts

Any engraved gift proves a little time and thought has been put into your birthday or anniversary choice and I found that both men and women like to have their names, initials or kind thoughts engraved on something special!

Bulbs as Gifts

So many of us love flowers or plants in our homes, terraces or gardens and a wonderful gift idea is to send seasonal bulbs to a garden and flower lover. Below are some websites that send out bulbs to members every month or each season.

Magazine  Subscriptions

Ask Granny has just been sent the magazine Vanity Fair.   What fun to receive a magazine every month and a gift  surely all over 60s would enjoy? Magazines are expensive too, so a yearly subscription would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps a sport  magazine for men and a fashion one  for ladies?

Newspaper Subscriptions

Men certainly like to read the daily papers and for those who read papers on their phone, tablet or computer, you can buy a subscription to read any paper you want online. Below are some sites that help you choose the newspaper of your choice.

Wrist Watches for The Elderly

Ask Granny gave her sister a super, easy to read, wristwatch for her last birthday and what a relief not to HAVE to put on ‘specs’ to tell the time! Many of the websites below offer good wrist watches, with big hands, easy to read and  illuminated at night time!