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Maybe you’re like me, and wonder what to get for your elderly parent or friend this Christmas. They may no longer enjoy the gifts that require them to go out of their home and they may not have transportation to do so. It’s possible that many of the gifts given in the past are not appropriate in these latter years.


Here are a few ideas for ways to practically show your love and caring for these most beloved seniors.

Gifts of Food

Seniors often have to stretch their food budgets to the limit. Many are not able to buy expensive items such as meat and produce. Non-perishable food items or vouchers for fresh food will make welcome gifts.


Money for Utility Bills

Some communities have programs already in place to help seniors with their heating bills. If not, a check would help to relieve the worry of high winter utility bills.



Many seniors limit their outings due to lack of transportation. They may need to visit the doctor or purchase necessary items. The offer of transportation to and from their appointments is a real gift of love.


Products to Aid Vision or Hearing

Sometimes the smallest item can change a senior’s life. Check to see if they need magnifying glasses or pendants, an amplified telephone or other hearing and vision devices to make their days richer and fuller.


Safety Products

Senior citizens can benefit from minor remodels in their homes for the purpose of ensuring their safety. They may need handrails on stairways or in bathrooms, call buttons, alarms or walkers. A quick assessment of their safety at home will provide peace of mind and practical help for daily living.