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            Every child up to about age twelve loves a stuffed animal. And then the boys drop out (but secretly still like them) and young teen girls still enjoy decorating their rooms with them. So plush toys are a surefire win when shopping for Easter gifts for the grandkids.

From bunnies to Disney characters, from lambs to teddy bears, nothing is more huggable than a stuffed animal. Tiny ones for the babies and toddlers, larger ones for kids three to six and large ones for the older kids.

Here are some great choices for quality stuffed toys this Easter:

The Gund Collection

Long known for their quality plush toys, Gund continues to please. Choose from their Baby Forest Friends, or a talking Benjamin Bunny. Tiny tots will love their Teddy Bear Rattle. Toddlers will enjoy the Elmo beanbag and primary children will love Curious George.

Serious Plush

This company specializes in plush toys of every imaginable kind. Their Easter selections are especially nice. You’ll find bunnies, chicks, lambs and the traditional bears too.

Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug maintain their high standards for children’s toys with their lines of stuffed animals. Choose from their Jungle collection or their Ocean Life animals. Select a giant plush toy or go for a walk on the wild side with their wild and whacky Beeposh stuffed toys.

Cuddle Clones

Here’s a unique take on stuffed toys. At cuddle clones you can send in a picture of your beloved pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, turtle or…whatever. You can choose the position in which your Cuddle Clone will be posed. Soon you’ll have a clone of your pet to take anywhere you go.