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sale12We seniors need to make every bit of our incomes count. With the cooler winter months coming on we may be anticipating the high cost of heating our homes and filling fuel tanks in our vehicles. So every time we can save a bit on our day to day living expenses, the better off we’ll be. Here are some websites specific to the discounts available for senior citizens.

This site is sorted by categories for everything from accommodations to entertainment to utility costs. You’ll find coupons for your favorite restaurants and you’ll get quotes on items such as car insurance, travel insurance and equity release programs.

Here you’ll find over 250,000 listings by city and state in the U.S. and each one will save senior citizens money. Look at theater savings, grocery store savings, airline and car rental discounts, prescription drug savings and much more.

Canadian seniors, here is your online hot spot for savings. You’ll find lists of all stores and businesses offering discounts to seniors plus articles on all topics concerning pinching your pennies. Mrs. January even advises on what to purchase in each month of the year for optimal savings.