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Ology is an amazing website linked with the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This interactive site is geared for kids of all ages and will hold the interest of adults as well.

There are fourteen different “ologies” to explore including anthropology, earth science, marine biology and zoology. In each of these categories there are related activities such as maps to explore, games, pictures and videos, interviews with the experts in that field and so much more. The site is visually appealing and just plain fun.

There is a search system on the website allowing students to search for information on any science topic. My search for “native Americans” found more than 2,000 entries. There are also highlights of the day which may be related to the time of year. For instance, with Halloween coming up, there is special information on spiders, complete with high definition pictures, lots of information and videos.

The home page features a Hall of Fame in which kids are challenged to do projects and enter them in contests. Past winners and their projects are posted. In addition there is a card of the day to collect, encouraging kids to return to the site often.

This is truly one of the best websites for children I’ve ever seen. Take a look for yourself: