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New toys  for all ages on the market, and just in time for the Festive Occasions! Toy companies are sprinting to get their new products on the market before the holiday season. Here are some of the top-runners available now for mums, dads and grandparents to buy. The Digi-piggy is a digital piggy bank that keeps a running tab of savings. The Magna-color tablet allows kids to draw in 3-D––what could be more fun than that unless it’s drawing on the wall without getting in trouble. Kids can do that when they buy the Glow-crazy Distance Doodler. For little engineers, try the Inchworm Robot by Hexbug and another hands-on toy is the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera. And finally get dramatic with the new puppet line put out by Puppet Heap Puppets. Puppet Heap has done some of the puppet work for Veggie-Tale puppets and their puppets are capable of a variety of expressions for lots of drama fun.