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If you have a teen birthday or other special event coming up you may be scratching your head and wondering what in the world to give as a gift. It’s true that teens can be very difficult to please unless you really know them well. Here are some websites with lists of cool ideas. You’re guaranteed to find at least one of them that will please that picky teen. Happy shopping.

Toys and Games for teens from new items including Water Wars outdoor game. unique items such as the Electro-plasma lava lamp and the 4D cityscape London puzzle.

Toys for Teens: cool ideas for teens such as the Nerf n strike stampede ECS Blaster—so big it takes six d batteries!

Top Toys for Kids: More goodies for teens from ipads to ipods to the Mindflex game.

Coolest Gadgets: gadgets you won’t find elsewhere, UNO III Streetbike and the Robomower.