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Although many senior citizens have refrained from entering into the cyber-world, they are increasingly seeing the benefits of new technologies. Besides the benefits of easy communication with friends and family, many of the new applications have health care benefits.

Any application that allows seniors or their caregivers to improve the efficiency and quality of senior care, will be welcomed. Here are some of the latest applications for our elderly.

Caremerge is a mobile base used with any smart phone or web browser. It allows patients or their caregivers to document when a patient procedure has been completed. It’s great for health care insurance claims and fulfills the Accountability Act for careful patient procedure documentation.

CarePredict’s Tempo is a device attached to watches or bracelets and tracks normal patterns of patient behaviors such as sleeping, walking, watching television, etc. It also tracks location. It can be used to alert caregivers to changes in behaviors and is great for both home and living facility use.

Get My Rx allows patients to scan prescriptions into their smart phones and enjoy quick delivery. Great for avoiding long waits in pharmacies.

Tapestry, an application from Australia, allows simple e-mail, photo sharing and photo saving in a simplified format.

Pillboxie is used with ipads and iphones and is programmed to remind patients what medications to take and when to take them.

Park’n Forget is for those who never want to “lose” their car again. Just enter parking information and retrieve it after shopping.

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