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Ask Granny has prepared a list of new eco-friendly toys  for children that “green grandparents” can buy for all festive occasions including Christmas.   As winter is here you may begin to think about holiday gifts for the kids in your life. There is a huge assortment of green toys being produced today. These toys focus on the use of recycled products and are guaranteed to be non-toxic. They often have themes that will teach children to be mindful of our earth’s resources as they play. From the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis you’ll find toys such as the Clean Water Science Kit where kids will learn how to create clean water using solar power. is a site offering toys made from 100% recycled plastic.  For a listing of toy stores carrying a large selection of eco-friendly products world-wide go to this page. Plan Toys is a company with the express purpose of developing quality green toys with the purpose of developing creativity in children’s play.