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From the tiniest baby who sways and rocks to songs, to the oldest senior who still taps his toe when he hears his musical favorites, we all love music. It does our hearts and souls good to hear tones and rhythms and to both hear and move to the music.

Musical toys for babies and toddlers will include rhythm instruments; everything from bells and shakers to castanets, sticks, triangles, and a variety of drums. They will also enjoy toys that play bits of music to them as they touch, pull, push and otherwise interact with them.

Older children also enjoy rhythm instruments and can try versions of real instruments such as xylophones, recorders, drums, handbells and chimes. There are many keyboard-type toys that teach the basics of reading music and will help to develop a sense of tone and rhythm in the child.

Older children can try real instruments such as piano, violin, guitar and many more. They may also enjoy online games that teach music theory and information about famous people in music history.

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