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Mums and Grandmas, school is out and it’s a wonderful time to gather the girls in the family and plan a special day together. Set the date and make the planning part of the fun. Will you dress up and have a “lady’s day? Or will you dress in jeans and t-shirts and have a day of outdoor fun? Or maybe you’ll choose something in between. Whatever the plan, allow all the members to have a say and raise the level of enthusiasm for this special girl’s outing. Here are some ideas to get you started, then you can tailor the day to your unique taste.

1. Fancy day

How about a continental breakfast in a downtown hotel lobby or an upscale restaurant to begin your day? From there you can move on to the beauty salon for manicures, pedicures, facials or massages. A quick stop in a nearby shop to purchase a new necklace or bracelet commemorating the day and you’ll be home before lunchtime all relaxed and ready to share your fun time with the men of the family.

A cheaper version of this day is a home-made continental breakfast followed by spa stations set up by friends or family members. You’ll save enough cash to allow the group to enjoy lunch out while sporting those new nails.

2. Outdoor day

Gather up the backpacks and put together a yummy sandwich, chip, fruit and trail mix lunch with plenty of liquids included. Map out a day hike that is just right for all the women involved. If you can’t push to a higher elevation, plan a level, but beautiful outdoor hike which provides all the beauty of nature without too much sweat involved.

Take along your cameras and get photos of the birds and flowers you encounter along the way. Don’t forget to take group photos to scrapbook your day together for future memories.

3.  Learn something new

Plan a day to explore a new hobby, activity or gain some knowledge about the arts. How about a trip to the nearest science or art museum? Take along sketch pads or journals and document your new learning. Take a dance class a cooking class or go together to a ceramic studio. Take a jewelry-making class and go home with a new pair of earrings or an ankle bracelet.

Go to a foreign film or listen to an author speak at a local library. Hear a lecture at a nearby university and share your responses. Then after putting out all that effort to learn and do you deserve a nice luncheon before heading home.

4.  Never before

Here’s a novel idea. Sit down with the women of the family (all ages) and find something that none of you has done before. It doesn’t matter whether it’s painting with oils, shooting a bow and arrow or making a soufflé, just decide it would be fun and make your plans. There is a thrill involved when trying a brand-new skill or activity and you’ll all be in the same boat, so it will also be fun. Give it a whirl, what have you got to lose?

The real fun of a day out with the girls of the family is found in special time together. So much of the joy we find in life is all about the attitude of creating our own good times. Be sure that the younger members of the girl-team have a say in the planning or you may end up with a less than memorable day. Lots of laughter, some good food and just about any activity will ensure a quality day for the women of the family to remember.