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Children love receiving mail, it makes them feel grown up. When I was a little girl I looked forward to receiving my copy of Jack and Jill magazine. I was an avid reader and that magazine was filled to the brim with stories, puzzles, poems and activities. I looked forward to the cartoons and the letters from children just like me. When my monthly magazine arrived, my nose was buried in it for several days.

Now my own grandchildren love to get magazines in the mail. I give them as a gift because I know it will encourage their reading skills and broaden their understandings of the world. I give good quality subscriptions that are age appropriate and they are added to the family bookshelves to be read over and over again. I choose good literature every time over pop culture. It’s never too early to begin to develop a taste for quality in reading.

No matter what your grandchild’s age or interests there is the perfect magazine choice. There are animal and outdoor magazines, hobby related magazines, faith-based magazines, sports and music magazines, and many, many more. The better publishers make sure to have a variety of well-written stories and activities and use high-quality photographs. They also choose heavy paper to print on making them more like a book than a newspaper. They are meant to be kept and enjoyed for a long time. Good publications have clear age guidelines and many have several levels to “grow into.” Often they have a way for readers to send in letters, pictures, poems or other work for publication in the magazine. Nothing is more motivating for a reader than to watch for their own work in print! While a good magazine subscription isn’t cheap, it isn’t going to break the bank either.

Several of my favorites are Ranger Rick, Pockets, Babybug and Ladybug, National Geographic Kids and Highlights. Next time you visit your local library, browse through the children’s magazines section. Or, when you go to your local bookstore, look at the magazine selections for children before you decide which one is perfect for your budding reader. Most magazines can be ordered online and they make wonderful birthday, Christmas and “just because” gifts.

Here are links to some award-winning children’s magazines