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Procurando um amor

I recently attended my fiftieth high school reunion. As I paged through my old yearbook I saw all the “clubs” we used to belong to. They were great ways to make friends and pursue future careers. There were service clubs, sports clubs and hobby clubs. So, now that we’re senior citizens, why not think of clubs as a way to meet new friends and maybe even find that someone special?


What are your interests? If you were to make a list of your five favorite pastimes, what would they be? Jot them down and then search out local clubs where you’ll find other seniors with similar interests and passions.


Music Clubs

These groups may look more like community choruses or church choirs. If you love to sing, go sign up. Or, perhaps you’ll find music appreciation groups who meet to share their love of classical music.


Dance Clubs

From folk to line dancing, you’ll find lots of groups with a passion for dance. Moving to music is just plain fun. See what’s available near you.


Art Clubs

Check with local museums for art appreciation groups. Or check out your local community college for art classes of all kinds.


Book Clubs

Pretty much everyone enjoys a book club. Read together, discuss and expand your understanding of current fictional works. Or maybe you’ll find a group that enjoys delving into the classics.


Cooking Clubs

Would you enjoy learning to make Indian food? Italian? Middle Eastern? Check with your community centres, college enrichment courses and even with local restaurants and see what is on tap. Oftentimes local grocery stores will get involved with cooking classes for the public.


Technology Groups

Virtually every community centre, senior centre and school has computer and other technology classes available. Get going.



Walking or Hiking Clubs

If you love the outdoors, this one is for you. There are lots of groups who plan walks or hikes at several levels of difficulty. Get yourself a pair of good walking shoes and off you go.


Birding Groups

Birding is just one of a large number of hobbies that involve a knowledge base plus an outdoor experience. Check with your local audubon society, get a pair of binoculars and a field guide and you’re all set.


As you can see, there are endless possibilities for social interaction through groups with a similar interest. If you want to be with people, but not in a traditional dating setting, then make your list of interests and find a club meeting near you.


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