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Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed.

It doesn’t take much to get young children giggling, and that’s a good thing. Today’s world is filled with stress and even our grandchildren feel the pressure. Finding ways to laugh with them is good for them and it’s good for us grandparents, too.

The Mayo Clinic tells us there are both short and long-term benefits from engaging frequently in laughter. The short term benefits are physical: an increase in the intake of oxygen, stimulation of major organs such as our heart, lungs and muscles, and the fact that endorphins are released in our brains when we laugh. Laughter also aides in muscle relaxation which reduces stress levels. Socially and emotionally, we’re happier when we find the humor in life.

Long term benefits of engaging life with a sense of humor and laughter include the release of neuropeptides to fight stress. In addition, when we laugh our body produces natural pain killers. The act of laughing with others creates stronger connections and those positive relationships also reduce anxiety and depression.

Why Not Laugh with Your Grandkids?

Humor can be an elusive entity. What makes something funny? Each of us has our own personal preferences when it comes to funny. But, thankfully kids are open to all manner of jokes, puns and plays on words. From the ridiculously silly to the subtle, jokes are a great way to connect with your grandchildren. Some grandparents make it a point to share a joke of the day or a joke of the week when staying in touch with grandchildren via phone, e-mail or face time.

Why not dig up some funny content and use it generously when staying in touch with your grandkids. Here are a number of joke books and humor resources. Have some fun. Laugh out loud: it’s good for you.

Silly Jokes and Riddles

Silly Jokes for Silly Kids by Silly Willy

National Geographic Kids Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters and Ridiculous Riddles by National Geographic Kids

Format Jokes

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott

Knock Knock: Over 100 Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids by Jimmy Giggles

Animal Jokes

2700 Animal Jokes and Riddles by Kids Corner Publishing

Bunny Rabbit Jokes by Johnny B. Laughing

150+ Frog Jokes by Kids Corner Publishing

Food Jokes

Food Jokes: Funny Jokes about Food by Johnny B. Laughing

100 Fun Tear Out Notes for Kids (Lunchbox Jokes) by Deanna Gunn

101 Pickle Jokes by Bob Vlasic


Belly Laugh Riddles and Puns for Kids by Bethany Straker

Puns for Children by Ninki Mallet

Holiday Jokes

Holiday Jokes for Kids by John Jester

Laugh Out Loud Spooky Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott

Christmas Jokes for Kids by Jimmy Giggles

Thanksgiving Jokes by Uncle Amon