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 Don’t let the holidays overwhelm you. Make your lists and look for simple solutions. Then put your feet up and actually enjoy the time with family and friends.

Try some of Ask Granny’s simple holiday solutions:

Last Minute Gifts

Hop online and find your nearest flavored cooking oils store or order online. Flavored oils come in exotic flavors such as Persian lime and wild blueberry balsamic and add a lift to everyday cooking. They come in a variety of sizes and make nifty gifts.

Buy artisan soap bars and wrap with heavy gift wrap and twine. These, too, come in many scents and colors and are both beautiful to look at and lovely to use.

Theme baskets such as bath or small kitchen items. Purchase baskets at a craft store and then fill them with small, but beautiful and useful items. A kitchen basket might include hand towels, a timer, spices, recipes or pot holders.

Last Minute Décor

Clear glass containers come in all shapes and sizes. Fill them with Christmas ornaments, a string of lights or bright strips of ribbon. Add a unique Santa or snowflake.

Ribbon-wrapped Oranges lined with rows of cloves look lovely in a simple white bowl or lying on a cluster of holiday greens.

Gumdrop Santas or Snowmen are fun to make with the grandkids. Plan the design and then put them together using gumdrops, marshmallows, sprinkles, and toothpicks.

Last Minute Wrap

Tired of the same old wrapping with a bow on top? Try using solid colored papers with colored twine and a paper cut-out monogram made especially for the recipient of the gift.

Use cupcake liners sandwiched and fluffed together to create beautiful holiday bows.

Use solid colored wrap and then embellish with holiday ribbons woven on top. Be creative, but remember the simple lines are most striking.

Last Minute Menus

Make Overnight Oatmeal with cranberries for a hearty, but simple holiday breakfast. Use your slow cooker and prepare the night before enjoying.

Instead of cooking a full meal at lunchtime, or for offering a lovely appetizer board, try a meat and cheese tray. Easy, satisfying and classy too.

Plan a simple holiday dinner. Roast a chicken with sweet potatoes and apples. Throw

      Together a green salad and you have a simple, hearty meal.

After a season of sugary desserts, why not plan a simple fruit kabob treat? Skewer chunks of a variety of fresh fruits and make a dip of yogurt mixed with lemon yogurt. Yummy.