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Ric Dilz has a winning children’s books series on his hands and it’s called My Grandma Could Do Anything. These 6”X 6” books fit neatly into Grandma’s pocketbook to take along on trips with grandchildren. Each book is full of puns and word plays about all the wonderful things Grandma could do if she wanted to. The original book is a favorite and kids from 3-11 think the other titles are pretty great too. In My Grandma Could Do Anything in Hawaii, Grandma is featured snorkeling as she learns all about the fish of the Hawaiian waters and finishes up the adventure with a hula dance. She also goes to the Zoo, the Rocky Mountains and into the Great Outdoors. There is a brief educational section at the end of each book and the assurance that “No Grandmas were harmed in the making of these books.” Have some fun with these.

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