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          Grillin’ with the Grandkids:                      Kebabs of all Kinds

You’ll be hosting your grandchildren this summer and kids love to eat! Making kebabs for snacks or for the grill is a great way to get the grandkids involved with cooking the meals. You may have metal skewers on hand or you can buy disposable wooden skewers too. Wetting the wooden skewers can keep food from sticking as you add delectable hunks of fruit, veggies, chicken, shrimp or beef.

Fruit Kabobs are ones that can be done independently by the grandkids. No cooking required! Color is king with fruit kebabs and kids love to make them. Use a variety of fruits such as pineapple chunks, apple pieces, red or green grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe pieces or banana chunks. A fun variation is to add marshmallows in between fruit pieces. And, if you have leftover pancake batter, cook up some mini-pancakes to add to the kebabs. Arrange on a serving platter and add a yogurt or melted chocolate dip. Kids will enjoy making them and will enjoy eating them even more.

Veggie Kabobs are a great way to get the kids to eat healthy. They can help wash and skewer the colorful veggies. Use mushrooms, red, yellow or green pepper pieces, onion, zucchini slices and cherry tomatoes. Brushing with a bit of oil and seasoning with your favorite seasoning mixture adds zest to these tasty treats.

Shrimp, Chicken or Beef Kabobs are a wonderful summer entrée. Your grandkids will enjoy them on a bed or rice or cous cous. Alternate pieces of the meat with mushrooms, onion, cherry tomatoes, pineapple chunks, peppers or any other vegetable that fits on a skewer. Marinate in a simple oil, lime juice and vinegar plus sugar marinade, then enjoy grilling them.

Kebabs plus a few side dishes make a satisfying meal on warm summer evenings. They can be prepared well ahead of the meal and travel well if you want to grill at a park or campsite. And the fact that the grandkids have helped prepare the meal is a definite plus. Summer cooking with the grandkids is one of the activities that can build long-lasting memories.

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