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  • Choose your gifts for Ramadan at Us2 Guntur
  • Ramadan is observed on the ninth month of the Muslim Year, which is based on the Muslim Calendar. This Festival is celebrated to remember the revelation of Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammad in this month. Ramadan gifts given by elders to children are know as Eid. Muslims send Ramzan gifts to loved ones wherever they are in the world
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  • Top Picks – Ramadan Books for Children
  • These books can help your grandchildrens understand the practices and meanings behind the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. These books are informative, engaging, and colorful for readers young and old. Excellent for parents/grandparents as well, to expose their children to the diverse celebrations of the world.
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  • The Eid Celebration in America
  • For Muslims living in North America, it is a challenge to maintain Islamic holidays and traditions in a predominantly non-Muslim environment. It is particularly difficult for children, who see their friends and classmates celebrating Christmas with lots of hoopla, gifts and excitement, while Eid is not celebrated in the same way. It is with this in mind that Sound Vision has put together the articles, that feature practical and creative tips and ideas that can help Muslim individuals and families make the most of the Eid celebration.
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  • Help bring a smile to the needy
  • These gifts give you the opportunity to help bring a smile to the faces of the poor and needy across the world. Whether it’s providing light in rural Sudan or school clothes and equipment to children in Iraq, your gifts make a lasting impact and are of course an excellent form of sadaqah jariah.
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  • Learn about Medieval Islam.
  • Great resource page for your grandchild to learn about Medieval Islam. History with timeline, evironment with maps, religion, clothing, games, food and people.
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  • Egypt site for Kids, with many resources for education and fun
  • Great eductional site for your grandchildrens to learn about Egypt. From the history of Egypt to Modern Egypt. Also contains great fun with activities and games.
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  • Gift for muslim child … from the Holy Lands
  • Great gifts from electronics, clothing, DVDs, videos, Hats, Hijabs, Hajj and Umrah. Fantastic fun gifts for your grandchildrens to learn about Islam.
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