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Is it too early for a spring clean?

I looked out of my window yesterday and realized that my yard is a terrible mess from winter storms, but the bulbs and plants are already beginning to think it’s spring. It may be the dead of winter where you live, but it’s never too soon to plan your oven clean, carpet clean and complete spring clean. In the old days people pulled up carpets from their floors and took everything outside to air. Most of us today just plod through a checklist and do some “deep cleaning” that doesn’t happen very often. It’s a great feeling once it’s done. Here is a list of websites with helpful checklists and tips for getting your home and garden into tip-top shape.

A printable checklist from Martha Stewart.

Cleaning Tips for busy families at Organized Home.

Spring Cleaning Organizing Tips from Life Organizers.

Ten Simple Spring Cleaning Tips from My Blessed Life.

A Cleaning Routine for Busy Women from Good Housekeeping.