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There comes a point in time when we realize we just don’t eat as neatly as we used to. Whether it’s when you see your toddler grandchildren stay cleaner through the family brunch, or when you pick up your dry cleaning and feel like you should have just bought new clothes for what it cost to clean them. Sometimes a bib just makes sense. And when we reach this point, then we better do it right: classy, elegant, and practical. Who says protection can’t be pretty? That’s where Bea’s Bibs comes in!

Bea’s Bibs, originally B’s Glamour Bib, was started in 1984 by a grandmother, Beatrice Kahn. Born in 1916 in Brooklyn, New York, she was in every sense of the word, a lady. She was thoughtful, kind, refined, dignified, strong, bright and extremely well read. She was classy and elegant. Think parasols and white gloves. She was also the most practical person one could  ever meet. So it was fitting that when this granny was in her 60’s and got frustrated with dry cleaning bills, she would find a way to come up with the classiest, most elegant protective bib for adults. To make them even more special, she designed her bibs with a fabric that wiped clean and withstood moisture – it was so unique, she patented it!


At the time, some 30-something friends giggled at the thought of a bib. But 30 years later, now in their 60’s, these Baby Boomers have been asking for  grandma’s bibs to come back. And so here we are – toned down from the glitz of the 80’s, rebranded in honour of  the original Beatrice Kahn… and as classy as ever.

Today’s Bea’s Bibs are made with a soft, comfortable stretch lame fabric. Like the original bibs, the fabric wipes clean and withstands moisture. Bea’s Bibs are made in the U.S.A., cut with the original pattern and sewn by the same talented people that sewed them 30 years ago. They come in four elegant colors for your finest clothes: gold, silver, bronze and black. You can wear them at dinner, parties, in planes, in the car, at meals before the big business meeting, etc. They are also perfect for putting on makeup! Bea’s Bibs come in a pouch that fits easily in your purse or briefcase and are priced to make the perfect gift. Visit us at: