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Are you looking for a holiday suitable for solo men (or women?)


Going on holiday as a solo man can be daunting. It doesn’t matter whether you have been used to a single life or not. Eating alone in restaurants in often unfamiliar locations can feel conspicuously lonely, and experiencing new places without other people to share your impressions can devalue the sensation considerably.

You can find yourself financially penalised for travelling alone too. Supplementary charges for solo travellers staying in double occupancy rooms are often penalising to the point where it feels you’re being discriminated against simply because you don’t have a partner.

Booking your travel with companies set up for solo wanderers is an excellent solution to both problems. Tours arranged specifically for singles mean there are plenty of like-minded people on the same trip, new faces to meet and new people to enjoy your holiday with.

Solos Holidays run an outstanding range of holidays for singles. Their Balls and Dances category is particularly enjoyable. Learn a new skill (ballroom dancing) and take advantage of their rule that gentlemen change tables between meal courses to really get to know your fellow passengers. Plus, with a generally quicker uptake of women than men, there are often deals to be had on late bookings.

The solo holiday has shaken the rowdy image of the Club 18-20s heyday – not that romance isn’t on the menu anymore, but at least now it doesn’t have to be sought in the head-poundingly clichéd environs of Ibiza and Malaga. No, modern solo holidays (note they refrain from calling them “singles holidays” these days) encompass the exotic; the adventurous; the active; and the unusual.

From solo holidays in Cuba to trekking holidays on the King’s Trail in Sweden, the modern solo traveller gets to enjoy as much freedom of choice and expression as the travelling family or couple. In fact you get more – because of course the only person whose tastes you have to take into account is you.

That’s one of the liberating things about solo travel – after years of either accommodating the preferences of other people, or simply choosing not to go away because you don’t feel comfortable travelling alone, you can suddenly have your cake and eat it too, and because the people signing up for the same trips as you are, by definition, likely to have the same kinds of interests, you normally end up in a situation where you hit it off pretty well.

Of course not all solo travel is about meeting other solo travellers. There’s a time in everyone’s life when they just need to be on their own,  and one of the best ways to do that can be to up sticks and go to an unfamiliar environment. Transplanting out of your normal surroundings can help to heal grief or revitalise your mental and physical wellbeing.

For a solo holiday with the head, the heart and the whole body in mind, try Holistic Holidays. From EcoLife walking tours to “Journey Into Yoga” packages, these trips are as much about the spiritual journey as they are about the physical location.

For more information on holidays suitable for solo men, Ask Granny.