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When researching for sites to help grandparents learn how to keep in contact with their grandchildren, I came across this interesting study by Microsoft and AARP :

83% of parents, grandparents and teens consider going online to be helpful forms of communication

30% of grandparents, and 29% of teens say connecting online helps them better understand each other

40% of teens help their grandparents go online

25% of teens communicate with their grandparents several times each week through social media

68% of those older than 39 have a page on social networking site

70% of teen say the computer increases the quantity of their communication with family members living far away, and (67%) say it increases the quality of those communications

All interesting  statistics, so Ask Granny has chosen  6 websites she thinks will be useful for all family members wanting to keep in close contact with those long-distance relations, especially children. These sites will be particularly useful to expat grandparents worldwide.…. a good way to learn how to use the internet safely  with children ….. ways to keep connected to those seniors in care, why not adopt a grandparent?… even babies can learn how to ‘talk’ to grandma and grandpa who are far away!… offers a cool, up to date list of 10 useful apps to keep in touch with long distance families.…… makes an easy to use computer for grandparents and seniors, safe and with useful built in apps.…. this site sells  letter writing kits for those who still like to write and receive letters. A great way to create memories, keep communication going and stay connected to grandchildren.