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Did you know that there are 2.6 million grandparents raising grandchildren in  the US alone?
They raise 6 million children who would otherwise be in foster care.
That has increased 4 percent since 2007 according to census data.
These grandparents, who step in to fill a family need for surrogate parents, fill a pressing social need as well.
And the number of children raised by grandparents dwarfs those raised by foster parents.
Only 500,000 children live in formal foster care arrangements in the US, according to the National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights, one-twelfth the number who reside with grandparents.
Food for thought indeed.
Ask Granny was amazed at learning these facts  and stats and as a result  has done extensive research into the many problems grandparents can face when taking on the task of raising a grandchild.
She has compiled a short list of specialised online websites to help all those grandparents needing counselling, guidance, advice and support in dealing with all sorts of  problems relating to grandchildren.    Gives  good tips on how to achieve a long and successful relationship with your grandchildren and suggests  a few ground rules  with Do’s and Don’ts!      Provides grandparent support and advice on how to learn new skills in dealing with improving family functioning.       A site that addresses grandparent-grandchild visitations problems.      Give tips and advice on financial support, healthcare assistance, raising grandchildren and even one-on-one counseling.        Are a charitable organisation with  dedicated welfare benefits services for grandparents and specialises in welfare advice together with information on small claims and family holidays for those in need.     Lists programs, laws and policies for grandparents raising children.   Is all about grandparents enquiring about  Adoption, Guardianship, Foster parents and Powers of Attorney.    Will keep grandparents up to date into grand-parenting in the 21st century! Top 10 counseling resources on the web