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Love is just around the corner with these heart-shaped goodies to prepare for your sweetheart.

Create a meal for two or host a Valentine’s Day party and dazzle your guests with hearts, hearts, hearts.


Begin your day with delectable Almond French Toast Hearts topped with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries.


Lunch could be several Love You Pot Pies. These tasty chicken and vegetable pot pies are made individually in ramekins and topped with heart-shaped crust toppings.


For your evening meal try Olivieri’s pre-made Ravioli Hearts with Brown Butter Sauce. Just simmer and enjoy. Add a salad with heart-shaped beet root slices,  and some crusty bread and butter.


Pink and Chocolate Heart-shaped cookies filled with vanilla cream from Martha Stewart or Lots of Love Cherry Pies will end the meal with a sweet flair.


Happy Heart Day