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It’s a new year and time for fresh starts. Let this year be the one when you take charge of your health and well-being. The list below is just a suggestion. Your list might be more specific to your own health needs. Changing even one bad habit into a good one can make a huge difference in your physical and emotional health.


Sleep: Getting enough sleep is vital to good health and doctors say that over half the population suffers from some form of sleep deprivation. Adults need at least seven hours of sleep a night for optimal health.

Regular exercise: Daily exercise such as a short walk or sets of exercises help maintain healthy weight, reduce risk of heart attack and stroke and help to manage stress. Make daily exercise a part of your routine.

Eat Breakfast: Studies show that those who eat a healthy breakfast tend not to overeat later in the day. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less fats and sugars.

Keep healthy snacks on hand. Cut out foods with lists of preservatives on the package label. Strive to eat real foods and four to five fruits and veggies daily.

Turn your thermostat down and keep the humidity up in your home to reduce the instance of colds.

Drink lots of water to improve joint pain and organ function.

See your doctor and dentist regularly.  There are many senior health and final expense insurance options available to help offset the cost of these services.

Manage your stress levels. Eliminate bad habits such as smoking, overuse of alcohol or caffeine, failure to brush and floss, lack of exercise. Remove people or circumstances producing stress as much as possible.


It’s a new year. Make some changes and enjoy your life more. Read more about your overall health at Everyday Health.