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New Hearing Devices for Senior Citizens

If you are a senior with significant hearing loss, you’re already using hearing aids of other hearing devices. But if your loss is slight to moderate, you may benefit from one of the products listed below. Or, you may be caring for an elderly parent who needs to amplify their hearing for more comfortable and satisfying daily living.

Super Ear Plus

This sound amplifier boost sound 50+ decibels and works for sounds within 100 feet. The product meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications and has been tested in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and long-term care facilities. The user wears easy to clean stereo earbuds and manages the device with a simple on/off switch.

Clarity Alto Amplified Telephone

This product is a digital corded telephone with amplified sound. It comes equipped with a large illuminated dial pad and a bright, flashing visual ringer. It is ideal for those who need more amplification to comfortably use a telephone.

TV Soundbox Wireless Speaker

This television amplification system delivers natural, clear stereo sound even if speakers are turned off. No muffled or distorted sound for the hearing impaired and no blaring volume for the rest of those enjoying the television.

Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier from Etymotic

This product is for use in quiet settings to enhance hearing. It is perfect for enhancing conversation in the home, in the car and other social settings.

Clocks, Watches and Timers from Harris Communications

Among the products at this site are devices designed to wake up sleepers with hearing loss. The products use a variety of systems including extra-loud alarms, bed shakers and lamp flashers.