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spa-300x300 What wife or grandmother doesn’t long for an hour or two away from the demands of her busy schedule for the sole purpose of rest, pampering and relaxation? You might even want to plan several days or a week away from home at a destination spa. Before, you prepare to splurge on spa treatments, be sure you understand the wide and varied offerings available to you in all price ranges and styles.

Although there is no real accreditation for the spa business, the International Spa Association defines a spa as a “place devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services to encourage renewal of mind, body and spirit.” A spa can vary from a tiny home turned into a day spa to huge facilities that provide resort-level services. Of course the prices for treatments will also vary from quite reasonable to extremely expensive.

Day Spas

Day Spas are often combined with beauty salons. They offer a variety of pleasurable treatments such as manicures and pedicures, massage, facials and whole body skin treatments. The environment is usually restful with soft music and robes provided during your stay in the spa. You may enjoy a full body massage and then a facial treatment to tone and exfoliate the skin. Aromatherapy may be part of your full body mask or oil treatment, perfect for a grandma. Often there are saunas, pools, steam baths or whirlpools available. Individual treatments or package deals are available in different price ranges. Day spas are places to go for a few hours to pamper your body and increase your beauty.


Resort Spas

Resort Spas are destinations where the guest usually stays overnight for at least two nights. Some programs are a week to two weeks long. Resort spas provide all of the relaxation amenities of the day spa but in addition they address such issues as diet, exercise and spiritual well-being. There may be a variety of classes offered such as exercise classes for seniors, yoga or other activities. There may even be life coaching opportunities. Meditation may be part of the regime along with healthful meals and instruction on how to prepare such meals at home.


Medical Spas

Medical Spas provide non-surgical procedures to improve the skin. They may include microdermabrasion, botox treatments to remove wrinkles, laser hair removal and a variety of other treatments. The clinic is overseen by a medical doctor and must be licensed. Medical spas have a more clinical environment rather than the relaxed feel of the day or destination spa. Those suffering from skin ailments such as acne, brown spots, redness of skin or broken capillaries may seek treatment here. Treatments such as chemical peels can he highly dangerous and must be done by well-trained professionals.


The International Spa Association


Resort Spa Destinations