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There is a move afoot to intentionally forego eating meat one day a week. It’s called Meatless Monday. There is a lot of research behind the movement which talks about the huge amount of water necessary to produce meat. And then there is the fact that many people around the globe go hungry while others eat virtually anything they desire. It’s all about working toward a sustainable food system for the entire globe. So whether you choose vegan or vegetarian recipes, give it a try. You’ll save money on your food budget, give your heart a boost and do something for the planet all with one simple change to your weekly menu planning.

You’ll find mouth-watering meatless recipes at the following websites:

Cooking Light

Try their vegetarian soup and casserole recipes or try something new with tofu or tempeh dishes. Put a veggie burger on a bun or try a vegetarian egg dish. Lots to choose from here.

Choose from thirteen delicious recipes. The delicate linguini frittata is a good choice, or the smoked cheddar and lentil burger. But the one that sounds amazing is the polenta with artichoke, caramelized onion and olive ragout. Yum.

Eating Well

Select a wonderful meal from the many choices on this site. Try the zucchini, fennel and white bean pasta, the Vietnamese tofu-noodle lettuce wraps or the Egyptian edamame stew which is made from the edamame (fresh green soybeans) served with couscous, bulgur or warm whole wheat pita bread.