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We all love a good grilled steak or burger, but in these days when we’re trying to eat less fat and keep the calories in check, grilled vegetables offer infinite variety and taste to your summer barbecues.

Virtually any vegetable can be grilled, but it’s best to stay away from those with a high water content such as leafy greens, cucumbers and celery. But gather up your asparagus, corn, mushrooms, tomatoes and squashes and start grilling.

You’ll find that vegetables hold their shape and you’ll find added flavor is you marinate them first, or just brush with oil and toss on some fresh herbs to bring out the flavor of the vegetable.

Veggie kabobs on skewers are another way to protect the flesh of the vegetable or wrap in foil. Some prefer to purchase a veggie basket for use on the grill—the better to save every yummy morsel. Eat more veggies and stay healthy.

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