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       _IMN3557Askgranny has been contacted by the ASDA Team about their great new plan to keep the grandkids entertained and happy this summer. Their Activity Planner is a simple way to check out what’s happening in the realm of family entertainment in your area. All you need to do is log on to this link: Once there, simply type in the number of adults and children who would like an outing, add your budget limit and then search by postcode and the distance you’re willing to travel. Voila! You will have a listing of all the family friendly events in your area plus all the information you need to plan an outing with the grandchildren.

The team knows it can be challenging to find just the right outings with the grandkids during your brief summer holiday time. With just a little research and planning you’ll find the right activities for your family and you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. How long is the drive? How much does the event cost? What about parking and meals? Is the atmosphere child appropriate? You’ll find all that and more with their Activity Planner.

What’s more, it also offers a Save the Summer feature with a new activity to do at home for each new week of the summer holiday. You’ll find ideas for kid’s gardening projects such as  Green Hair or cooking projects such as Rainbow Pancakes or Ice Cream Hamburgers. Or how about making Angry Bird Water Balloons? Each project comes with complete instructions and you can buy all the necessary supplies directly on their site.

Let’s face it. We grandparents can use a bit of help when it comes to making time with the grandchildren fun and exciting. It’s also helpful to find outings that don’t cost a fortune. So log on to the ASDA Activity Planner website and begin to create the magic for your next special day with the grandchildren right now.