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 bb15994477efb31d05f4dc13efdf1538_erica-perl-when-life-gives-you-oj_featuredImageBeing a grandparent is one of the most enjoyable and amazing gifts a person could receive. But, the role of grandparent can come with a lot of problems, misunderstandings and outright heartbreak as well.

Many grandparents are playing the role of parent—taking on the responsibility of raising grandchildren long after they thought they would. Others are in a divorce or other break-up situation in which they no longer have access to their beloved grandchildren. Still others just need a bit of information or support from time to time.

The websites below are all-encompassing sites meant to throw out a helping hand and a lot of information to grandparents. Take a look and possibly put the site on your favourites list for quick access in the future.

Founded in 1986 this organization helps any grandparents who find themselves in difficulties related to family life.

This is the website of the American Grandparents Association. It’s a non-political site filled with information, articles, discounts and more. There are articles on virtually any topic related to life as a grandparent.

Celebrating their 25th year of operation this charitable organization is dedicated to aiding grandparents with all aspects of their relationship with their grandchildren. They help grandparents keep in touch with family members and

This organization is religious in nature and supports grandparents as they interact with their grandchildren and pass on faith and values.