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 This week’s roll call of senior discounts includes money of digital radios for your car; more discounted flights to hot destinations; and a range of great entertainment for grandparents from Ask Granny too.

Halfords is currently offering a 10% discount on DAB head units for car stereos, meaning you get to listen to your favourite stations with pinpoint accuracy for less. Digital radio locks onto a single signal frequency and holds it, rather than forcing you to retune every time you go through a different area of the country. Seniors also get added benefits including station name display and even the names of programmes, contributors and tracks.

The discount is part of a wider in-car tech clearance run by the vehicle accessories giant, which also includes AV display units for back seat entertainment: ideal for keeping grandchildren busy on long journeys!

With winter apparently set in for an extended appearance this year, the thoughts of many silver surfers are turning to travel. This week, hotel booking agent Agoda is getting in on the act with some extraordinary discounts for popular Asian destinations. Top spots include Singapore; Thailand; and the Maldives – and per night prices for hotels start at a mere £27. Be aware that the advertised prices may be per person rather than per room; and that you still have to book your flights to get there.

Talking of which, all of the major airlines are still offering discounted flights to tropical destinations: and as ever, the longer you take to do your research the cheaper you’ll get to fly for. Last minute flights continue to command enticing prices, as flight companies look to fill up their planes; while specific package discounts include British Airways’ low deposit scheme, allowing users to secure a holiday including flights; hotel bookings; car hire; and return flights.

When you’re on that plane, you need something to keep you occupied – particularly if you’ve already seen the latest blockbusters and don’t want to have to sit through them again. Fortunately, the BBC Shop is re-promoting a series of discounts on DVDs and books, including discounts on DVDs of brand new series: Broadchurch has £6 off the marked price; and Foxy Coxy’s Wonders of Life weighs in with a respectable £6 discount as well.

If , as a senior citizen, you’re staying at home for the remainder of the winter, and what passes for spring at the moment, the chances are you’ll want an offer or two to help you celebrate Easter. If you are looking for a gift for your grandchildren, Cadbury’s Gifts Direct has weighed in with just the ticket – reduced price Easter Eggs, with up to 15% off their normal in store price. Grandparents… you’ll be able to spot the cheap eggs, because they all have peculiar looking prices – ending in 25 pence, for example, rather than 99. Happy hunting!