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While I would never recommend that readers stop taking important prescription drugs, we could all benefit from some common sense remedies to solve minor problems which occur in our everyday lives. After all, many of the medicines we take today have their origins in herbs or other easy-to-find items already in your home. What items? Well, good drinking water, vinegar, salt, ice, glycerin and cotton for starters. Ask Granny has done a bit of research and has found you some great website information on common home remedies in four categories:

Minor Health Issues

For minor aches and pains a hot water bottle is a good pain reliever. For sprains and muscle strains you’ll want an ice pack. Common sense and practical wisdom go a long way to solving simple health conditions. For bad breath or sinus infections follow the advice given by seniors who remember the days when no one went to a medical clinic unless there was a life-threatening condition. If you’ve ever had a toothache at a time when you couldn’t see a dentist, you’ll want to check into this home remedy. If you have a headache or bad breath you’ll want to check out this site. Finally, go to for answers to hundreds of health questions—anything from healing a cold sore to soothing tired feet.

Around the House

Have you ever had a flea infestation in your home? If so, you’ll appreciate some home remedies to get rid of the pesky critters. Or do you have a cat that is causing problems with constant meowing, scratching, urinating or spraying? Do you need to get rid of mice in your home or garage? How about some ideas for easily cleaning or getting rid of household stains without breaking the bank?


Does someone in your home suffer from pimples? If so, here is some excellent information on why they occur and a number of home remedies for them. For a large number of uses of aloe vera check here. For minor eczema or toenail fungus read here. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making homemade cosmetics? Read these recipes for homemade astringents, lotions, perfumes and deodorants and much more.

Yard and Garden

Anyone who gardens needs to fight slugs and snails. Here are some solutions to ridding your garden of these pests. And for getting rid of everything from fire ants to mosquitoes, read here. If you’d like to go organic, you’ll need ideas for getting rid of all sorts of bugs and plant diseases. Here is a resource for just about any plant ailment you can imagine. And finally a handy website which provides pictures of the pests you’ll encounter in your garden so you know which homemade remedy to apply.

Of course you’ll need to use common sense as you use and create your own homegrown remedies for a million and one ailments and problems. Always be safe and consult your personal physician for any health concerns. One obvious benefit of making and using home remedies is a reduction in costs. A dab of toothpaste placed on a pimple will save you money you could have spent on expensive store-bought products. Organic pesticides using natural ingredients will also minimize the poisons in your environment. So do a little web-hopping and find the remedies that suit your needs. You’ll be glad you did.