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art websitesMany schools no longer find the time and money to teach art in the regular school day. But kids love art and enjoy both learning and experimenting with art projects. Here are three great art websites with all kinds of art lessons, games and projects.

Haring Kids:  This site is interactive and lots of fun. Kids and parents will find over 180 art lessons to do at home. In addition there are games, coloring sheets, flipbooks, maps, stories and so much more, all related to learning the basics of art.

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Read more about Keith Haring  ( 1958-1990) and his art:

The Art Zone: This site has a number of art games that are both fun and instructive. In Dutch House kids will learn about various Dutch masterpieces while exploring all the rooms in the house. Kids will also enjoy Collage Machine, Still Life, and River Run.

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Picasso Head: This is a fun website where kids can create their own Picasso masterpieces by clicking and dragging various facial and body parts to the canvas. Go ahead and create your own masterpiece!

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There are many excellent art websites for children. For further lists of websites featuring games, lessons and interactive art sessions go to: and click on art or