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books for teensLooking for summer reading for your teen-aged children or grandkids? When a school year closes many teenagers vow not to crack a book the entire vacation time. But summer can also be a time to rekindle interest in learning and reading books is a sure way to develop vocabulary, explore the great themes of life and grow both intellectually and as a human being. Fiction for teen readers runs the gamut from fantasy to romance. Here are some new interesting reads with good reviews. Why not give a gift of reading to your teen grandchild this summer?

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

This debut novel explores the friendship of two awkward, lonely teen-aged boys. What will happen when they decide to make a movie for a girl who is dying of leukemia? Andrews’ unique writing style and his ability to mix humor with serious topics will keep the pages turning.

The Raft by S.A. Bodeen

Robie is taking a quick flight from Honolulu to rejoin her parents in the Midway Atolls. When the engines cut out and the plane crashes, Robie finds herself on a life raft with one other survivor. There are miles of empty ocean and…there are sharks.

Island of Thieves by Josh Lacey

Tom Trelawney is just a teen-ager in trouble with his parents when he heads to Peru to visit his uncle. There follows a truly Indiana-Jones-like adventure when his uncle takes Tom treasure hunting all across Peru, from the Andes to the Peruvian Coastal Islands. This thriller keeps the good guys just one step ahead of the bad guys.

Glow- A Sky Chasers Novel by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Fifteen year old Waverly and her boyfriend Kieran were part of the first generation to be conceived and born in space. Now they are about to return to earth as pioneers. Who can be trusted? How will she live in this strange, futuristic world?

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