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Buying gifts for the visually impaired can be challenging. For those who are completely blind there are gifts in Braille and there are many more items in Braille than just books. There are Braille aprons and mugs and lines of clothing as well. And there are a variety of items which “talk” to give information such as talking watches and clocks and pedometers.


In this age of technology there are also many audio gifts. You might look for audio puzzles with audio cues or tones to signal a correct answer. There are MP3 players for the vision-impaired and a number of video games with audio based controls and events.


In the kitchen there are a variety of interesting gadgets to make the tasks there more manageable. One interesting gadget rests on the edge or a cup to beep when the cup is full. No more spills.


There are lines of greeting cards, toys and games, and a number of household items in the websites below. Check them out. And don’t forget that sometimes the best gifts aren’t things at all. They’re a nice home-cooked meal with relaxing and beautiful music playing.


Your vision-impaired friends may be interested in a unique book created by a teacher of blind young persons. It’s called Seeing Beyond Sight and is a book of photos taken by blind students with explanations of each photo.