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Christmas-Blog-Happy-Man-300x200Women seem to agree: it can be daunting to find the right gift for guys. For women it’s easy. You can find a creamy hand lotion or bath bar and you’re good. But for guys, you really have to know their particular likes and dislikes.

At you’ll find some super ways to shop for your man. Shop by personality or style: is your guy a geek, a music lover, a sports fan or a health nut? Create personalized gifts of the month. Choose from many selections of gifts from beer and wine to chocolate to hot sauce. Or, you can shop by store. Choose from such selections as L.L.Bean, Brookstone or Man Crates. You’ll find something he likes here.


At Guyville you’ll find hundreds of personalized items in many themes from sports to vintage signs. Maybe your man enjoys cigars or is partial to upscale grooming and shaving items. How about outdoor and travel gear or beautiful accessories in leather? Guyville will have something for your guy.


Pull out all the stops and buy your guy an experience. Does he like to rock climb, scuba dive or create gourmet meals? Would he enjoy a dance class, a songwriting experience or a hot air balloon ride? How about a NASCAR driving day or a bike tour of D.C.? The possibilities are many and they’re all cool. He’ll love it. Xperience Days