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When a baby is coming into the family, it’s a wonderful time to give a warm and cuddly blanket. It’s even more special if that blanket is handmade by a member of the family. So if you’ve always wanted to get those knitting needles flying, here is the place to begin. Baby yarns today are two or three-ply and come in a magnificent array of colors. They are soft for baby’s comfort.


First of all you’ll want to practice with needles and yarn. Learn the basics of casting on stitches and then knitting and purling. With just those two easy stitches, you can make an endless variety of beautiful flat pieces, just perfect for that beginner’s baby blanket. Go to Knitting for Beginners and get started.

After you pick up the basics, here are three patterns for your first knitting project.


Faye’s New Super Easy Baby Blanket  This super easy pattern is done in all

Knit stitches. Changing colors is easy too and makes the blanket beautiful.

Heaven Sent Baby Blanket  This one uses Red Heart Moon and Stars yarn.

Fluffy Baby Blanket This one is also done in all knit stitches and uses Red

Heart Baby Clouds yarn for a soft and cushy texture.