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What is Hanukkah?

‘Hanukkah (also known as Chanukah) is the Jewish Festival of Lights and lasts eight days. It usually falls in late November or December. ( Beginning Thursday Dec 2nd 2010). Jews celebrate Hanukkah to commemorate the Miracle of the Oil. The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication”. Over 2000 years ago, in 165 BC, the Jews in Judea rebelled against their Syrian ruler, Antiochus, because he insisted that all Jewish people must worship Greek Gods. After three hard years of fighting, the Jews defeated Antiochus and, to celebrate, they restored the Temple of Jerusalem – which had been taken over by the Syrians – and rededicated it to their God.’

Quote: What is the significance of the eight candles in the Hanukkah Menorah?

During Hanukkah, the traditional lighting of candles each of the eight evenings in the menorah serves as reminders of the miracle during the ancient temple rededication, in which the menorah stayed lit for eight days with oil enough to last for only one day.

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